Wednesday July 24th, 2024
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Upper Egypt Gets Drinkable Water If You Attend This Festival Ft. Cairokee and Zap Tharwat

Mashroo3 Kheir is back with Kheir Festival volume 2 and this time they're working towards bringing drinkable water to villages in Upper Egypt.

Staff Writer

Upper Egypt Gets Drinkable Water If You Attend This Festival Ft. Cairokee and Zap Tharwat

Most us have - at one point or the other - gone through that existential phase in our lives where our day to day seems mundane, and we realize we'd like to add more purpose to it. That's when we realize the way we could do so is by giving back to our community, but more often than not, we don't get around to seeing it through partly because that animal shelter is too far away from home, or we get off work too late, or we won't have time to pass by in between getting off work and our BFF Laila's gathering which starts at 8 pm. Well, Mashrou3 Kheir is the NGO working towards community development by engaging Egyptian youth through entertaining and interactive activities. So maybe we can convince Laila to have her gathering there where we'll get to watch a live concert and have a full day of sports while also giving back to the community. Two birds, one stone. 

Kheir Festival Vol.2 - which follows the success of the first one that took place in 2015 - will have Cairokee and Zap Tharwat as its performing acts. The festival will include a Fishawy-inspired Chillawy corner. While we're not entirely sure what exactly is a Fishawy-inspired Chillawy corner, we're always down for a session of chilling. For the sports freaks, they’ll be having competitions and for the musicians an Anghami jam session will be taking place. While we indulge in all the promised fun, the funds raised from the event will be going towards providing drinkable water to under-privileged villages n Upper Egypt.  

The tickets will be for EGP 200 (early bird) and the event starts at 2 PM and goes on until 11 PM at the AUC amphitheater. 

Having already organized Kheir Festival Vol.1 - which saw a cross fit competition courtesy of El Fit and fashion installations set up by big names in Egypt the likes of Kojak - they managed to raise enough to build 180 rooftops in Fayoum, from the event. 

Mashroo3 Kheir makes giving back easier than most by making it a creatively engaging process and they're constantly working towards solving an array of different causes plaguing Egypt; mainly focusing on the more neglected communities.

Having collaborated with other NGOs since they started, this year Mashrou3 Kheir is working on granting the wishes of 50 children with terminal diseases as well as helping 30 orphans and providing 120 Syrian refugee children with developmental sessions. These projects all come in collaboration with different hospitals and NGOs, including Demerdash Hospital, SOS Orphans Village and Fard Foundation among others .

Mashrou3 Kheir focuses on raising money through festivals, entertaining events and interactive activities so as to make giving back to the community feel more like an outing and less like our civic duty.

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