Thursday July 25th, 2024
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Large Cat On a Rampage Leaves Four Cairo Airport Workers Injured

Four Egypt Air staff were admitted to hospital after they were bitten by a feisty feline on the loose at Cairo International Airport. Meow!

Staff Writer

Large Cat On a Rampage Leaves Four Cairo Airport Workers Injured

Panic at Cairo’s International Airport is finally subsiding after a “large cat” bit four Egypt Air workers sending them to the hospital on Wednesday.

According to the Cairo Post, the incident occurred when workers were looking to clean a storehouse in passenger Terminal 3. When they opened the storehouse they were surprised attacked by a sneaky cat, clearly wanting to be left alone. As if trained by the great Bruce Lee himself, this kitty managed to ward off four workers biting their hands. Immediately after, all four workers were administered first aid by a doctor before being transferred to the Egypt Air Hospital for vaccinations.  

Likely trying to save face, all the workers agreed to describe the feline, stressing that it was a ‘large cat’, but otherwise very little known about the cat beyond its size being large. There is no confirmation about if the cat has removed from the premises or is still roaming the airport in search of more blood.

Oddly enough animals continue to dodge security to find their way into restricted areas. The last known case was a small donkey who somehow managed in April to evade security reaching the airport parking lot before being chased by a janitor.