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Learn How to DJ in Six Weeks at Cairo's Newest Music Studio 'Rabbit Hole'

Don't fangirl over a DJ, become one yourself.

Rabbit Hole Studios

If you want to become a DJ, the wrong way to go at it is already imagining yourself dropping the beat surrounded by cheering fans at some hip club. On the other hand, there are so many right paths you can take to get there, and they all involve intensive practice and dedication. But we're millennials and sticking it out just doesn't just come naturally to us. That is unless someone shows us the way, in this case it's the Rabbit Hole Studios, Maadi's brand spanking new studio and music school.

The Rabbit Hole Studios - which is the sister company of Shagara Records label - are bringing the music know-how to its students by introducing a carefully tailored,  six-week DJ-ing course that is designed to achieve optimum balance between theory and practice. With its classes limited to six students, participants partake in 3 elaborate weekly classes, with each receiving a weekly one-on-one session to guide their development. The course costs EGP 4500, and upon completion each student will know everything they need to launch a successful DJing career.

If you're not a fan of the spotlights but still dig music, then Rabbit Hole's Production Course is what you need. Also a six-week course after which each student will have a deep understanding of the tools, techniques, and skills they need to delve into music production. The EGP 5000 course includes a full breakdown of the Ableton software, as well as the structures of electronic and dance music.

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