Thursday 1 of December, 2022
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Learn What It Takes To Be One Of Cairo's Hunters

For those who seek nothing less comes #ForTheHunters - prepare to unleash the hunter within.

Staff Writer
You’ve all seen them - people who, no matter the environment, always retain the same cool, collected, and confident aura; perpetually moving with a purpose and a plan; acting with the boldness to do what needs doing; and, with an independent spirit, adapting with a spontaneity impossible to imitate. No matter the situation, they always lead their entourage through whatever excitement may crop up without breaking a sweat. That is, unless they mean to. 
They are The Hunters - always on the prowl, always hungry for adventure, unrelenting in their pursuit of a life fully lived. 
Join us as we catalogue the six finest Hunter specimens Cairo has to offer, starting with our very own Wally Mowafi and his tour de force at this Friday's tremendous Blurr 100% Series at The Temple. Witness his pre-game rituals and discover his playlist for starting a night off right, then follow him through the evening as he mingles and schmoozes with the denizens of the hottest party happening. 
The procession continues as two other fine gentlemen and three fabulous females give you glimpses into the inner workings of the Hunter lifestyle every week. From getting ready to getting down, we'll be on them like David Attenborough on a bunch of penguins, providing plenty of scathing commentary, just without the alluring accent. This all culminates in a video montage of the Hunters' adventures and the announcement of our next featured Hunter. 

For those who seek all or nothing, follow #ForTheHunters on Instagram for exclusive behind-the-scenes scoops and unprecedented insights into the wild lives of the biggest and brightest stars of the Cairene scene from their own accounts. Do you have what it takes to keep up with The Hunters?

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