Saturday 26 of November, 2022
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Let Allah Sort it Out

For the first time ever, Sarah Palin says something we can somewhat agree with. However, she's still an idiot.

Staff Writer

Sarah Palin, a former Alaskan governor and the punchline to McCain’s joke of a presidential bid, is back in the news saying something stupid again...or is it? Sarah Palin, who once believed she could see Russia from her backyard, has decided to weigh in on the Syria crisis:

"As I said before, if we are dangerously uncertain of the outcome and are led into war by a Commander-in-chief who can’t recognise that this conflict is pitting Islamic extremists against an authoritarian regime with both sides shouting 'Allah Akbar' at each other, then let Allah sort it out,"

She made this statement at an annual meeting of the Faith and Freedom Coalition in June 2013. We here at CairoScene have never agreed with anything this half-wit has ever had to say, but are finding ourselves surprisingly agreeing.

She continued her opposition on Facebook “So we're bombing Syria because Syria is bombing Syria? And I'm the idiot?” Hate to break the news but you are still an idiot. Good thing is, you're not alone.

For the full Facebook post click here.