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Egyptian Composer Honored in Mauritania For Creating The Country's National Anthem

Egyptian composer, Rageh Daoud, was honored on Thursday by Mauritanian President Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz, for composing Mauritania's national anthem.

A year after composing Mauritania's national anthem, Egypt's contemporary classical music icon, Rageh Daoud was honoured by the country's president Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz in a ceremony on Thursday, El Ahram Online reports. The honouring ceremony which was attended by the Egyptian ambassador, Maged Nafei and Mauritanian officials, happened in Nouakchott, the capital of Mauritania. 

With strong cultural relations, Egypt and Mauritania signed a technical and cultural agreement in 1967, succeding the opening of an Egyptian Cultural Center in 1964, according to the Egyptian ministry of foreign affairs. Following the development of a pronounced Arab presence in Mauritania, Rageh Daoud was selected to compose the country's national anthem in 2017.

Set to meet Mauritanian musians on his next trip to the country, Rageh Daoud is a key player in the Egyptian music scene. His works are performed locally as well as abroad, in Austria, Italy, France, the Czech Republic, the UK, Spain, Canada, Hungary and Poland.

In Egypt, Rageh is most famous for his work in movies like Ard el Khof (1999), Kit Kat (1991), and Rasael El Bahr (2010). An orchestral composer, Daoud, started his education in music at age of nine, in the Cairo Conservatoire, where he currently teaches. Having won several awards for his music in festivals including the Cairo International Film Festival, the Alexandria Film Festival, and the critics association, Daoud is an Egyptian icon who is heavily involved in the growth of musical culture in Egypt.