Saturday December 2nd, 2023
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4500 Egyptian Orphans Had the McTime of their Lives

We dare you not to shed a single tear at this.

Staff Writer

The world out there isn’t the kindest of places; it can (and often will) be unreasonably harsh on you, even at your most vulnerable of moments. Bearing that in mind, it’s even more unbearable without the warm, loving embrace of a parent. Bearing this in mind, even the simplest of kind gestures can leave a lasting, beautiful memory in the hearts and minds of an orphan, and that’s exactly what McDonald’s decided to do for 4500 of Egypt’s orphaned children.

Every first Friday of each April, Egypt’s many charitable organizations and corporations go out of their way to treat orphans to a day of festivities and warm memories, and Ronald McDonald isn’t any different. For Egypt’s Orphan Day, McDonald’s treated a whole 4500 orphaned boys and girls to a full day of happiness and glee; offering a slew of happy meals to each and every child in numerous McDonald's branches across Egypt. The mere thought of a Happy Meal makes us grown adults reminisce about the good old days (and the toys, oh the toys), so we can’t even imagine the kind of cheer that those 4500 happy little boys and girls felt as they celebrated their own most special of days.

Not only did the kids get to chow down on McDonald’s signature tasty treats, they also got to celebrate with a variety of fantastic shows, events and all sorts of happy party favours. This isn’t the only time the good folks behind the golden arches give something back to the community either; on a similar note, McDonald’s celebrated World Autism Awareness Day with a similar string of shindigs and cheerful treats, and they’ve also taken it upon themselves to address the dire educational needs of the Ezebet Kheir Allah village of Kafr El Sheikh; upgrading 20 kindergartens and 10 primary schools to suit the local students' necessary educational needs.

Good show, McDonald's, good show.

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