Friday September 22nd, 2023
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Me By Alia: Modernising Boring Clothes

Alia Abaza, the women behind Me by Alia, puts her signature upon each piece in her latest collection.

Staff Writer

We like it when we stumble upon something special that catches our eyes over Instagram; we get a sense of fulfillment, like all this time we and our thumbs spent scrolling our feed has finally paid off. Coming across Me by Alia was definitely a treat.

Within the constantly evolving fashion business, where competition is high and demand is unstable, a designer can easily find themselves out of the scene within days. Each designer must have a cutting edge, a tool that would differentiate them from any other business in the market. This is exactly the strategy Me by Alia's brand designer, Alia Abaza, followed, successfully assembling her pieces infused with originality.

Me by Alia was launched in 2010, with seasonally released collections of authentic, heavily yet simply embellished pieces. We spoke to Abaza, who explained to us the idea behind Me by Alia: “I’ve had this passion of designing my own things since I was a teenager. I always loved to add my design in most of the things I wore or even in the home accessories I bought.”

“My first release was a limited edition collection of hand painted scarves; people really loved it and that inspired me to then create a handmade clothing line,” Abaza adds.  The brand just released their Fall/Winter ’16 collection, which is available at Zag store, Villa Baboushka, and online on Style Treasure and Instagram. Alia explains the beautiful collection, saying that "in this collection I tried as much as possible to keep it more easy to wear and comfy without losing identity.”

Alia wishes to one day see her pieces on Anna Dello Russo.

Check out Me by Alia on Instagram here, where you shop the collection.