Saturday May 25th, 2024
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Mido back at Zamalek

The infamous Mido is returning to the same club that launched him onto the international stage. However, this time he won't be playing: he's been hired as the Cairo club's new coach.

Staff Writer

Mido back at Zamalek

Ahmed Hossam, or simply Mido, needs no introduction for any Egyptian football fan. This international football icon has played heroically both in Europe and Egypt, but after a great career abroad, it seems like Mido will officially returning to Egypt. Not to play but for the first time in his career to coach the very same club that launched him onto the international stage; Zamalek FC.

"We have officially appointed Mido as the first team new head coach," the club said in a statement on its official website late on Tuesday. Elated by the news Mido has already changed his Twitter profile bio to "Head Coach of Zamalek." This announcement comes on the eve of sacking former Zamalek-star-turned-coach Helmi Toulan, despite helping the team win the Egypt Cup last November.

Unfortunately, the team is off to a terrible start this season so a decision was made and without providing a lot of details, Toulan was thrown out and Mido was put in. The 31-year-old Mido will become the youngest coach in Egyptian football history after having to retire from playing early due to fitness problems. Currently, he is the highest paid Egyptian football player of all time, but maybe surpassed by Mohamed Salah, if rumours are true about his big deal that will be announced later this week.

Despite having no coaching experience, Zamalek is gambling on the fact that his international football experience with Ajax, Marseille, Roma and Tottenham will be an asset in reshaping the team.

Mido's move to coaching marks just the second time an iconic figure in Egyptian football has switched directly from player to coach, the first being his own idol Hossam Hassan, who took over El Masry just a few weeks after retiring at the same club.

The real question here is if Mido will actually keep his notorious attitude in check, but then again maybe that is what the team needs. Only time will tell, but all we know is that football in Egypt just got that much more exciting.