Sunday December 10th, 2023
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Minions Take Over Egypt

Photoshop master Karim Samir imagines the adorable yellow creatures taking over our country and the result is... BANANAAAAAAA

Staff Writer

MINIOOOONS! These adorable little yellow munchkins have caused a freaking fever across the world from the instant they appeared on cinema screens and now they’ve landed in Egypt! Well, not exactly, but Alexandria-based Karim Samir decided to take the plump little creatures and visually reimagine their existence if they landed on our shores. By the power vested in Photoshop, there’s a Minion cuddling with the Cairo Tower, another one drying his little tushy in front of Alex’s Stanley Bridge, and just scenes of all-around adorableness. We’d like to make some references, a few puns, throw in a coupla quotes but since they’re essentially moot, all we got is: bananaaaaaaa. Check out the photos below.