Tuesday July 23rd, 2024
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Ministry of Health Initiates Automation of Kidney Dialysis System

The new online application is expected to cut dialysis costs by 60%, which currently demands EGP 5.3 billion from the state.

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Ministry of Health Initiates Automation of Kidney Dialysis System

The Ministry of Health and Population has inaugurated a project to automate the country’s dialysis system, which currently operates 9.2 million sessions a year for those with kidney issues. The new automated system, which is part of the government’s goals for sustainable development, aims to streamline treatments for around 59,000 people who receive dialysis treatment in the public and private sector in the country.

The system is also expected to significantly cut government expenditure on dialysis, with 64% of people receiving treatment in government hospitals. Currently the annual cost demands EGP 5.3 billion from the state health budget, with the new automation intended to cut yearly cost of the sessions by 60%.

The new system will be implemented through an application available on mobile phones and computers, which will monitor and record dialysis sessions, as well as medical advice from nurses and doctors, and immediate results following lab analysis. The integrated online system will also improve the safe use of machines, with sanitisation sessions catalogued automatically, safeguarding against risk of infection.

Furthermore, patients will also be able to evaluate the service they receive through the app, leaving recommendations, suggestions and complaints that will be addressed by relevant authorities in each health care facility.