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Ministry of Social Solidarity to Add 80K-100K Families to Takaful and Karama

The Ministry of Social Solidarity has announced that it will add 80K-100K families its Takaful and Karama benefit programmes in light of the various economic implications caused by COVID-19.


Minister of Social Solidarity Nevine Al-Kabbaj revealed on Saturday, March 28th, that the ministry will add 80,000 to 100,000 families to the Takaful and Karama benefit programmes in order to better equip them to face the financial burdens caused by the Coronavirus. The programmes are expected to benefit a total of 3.5 million families nationwide (around 10 million citizens), with their allocated budget rising to EGP 19.3 billion. Minister Al-Kabbaj notes that the ministry is also facilitating work opportunities in small and medium enterprises while working on various health and education awareness programmes, in collaboration with numerous NGOs.