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Mirna Nakhla's SS19 Collection 'La Dolce Vita' Channels Hollywood's Golden Age

Release your inner Hollywood startlet with La Dolce Vita's fabulous pieces.

Mirna Nakhla's SS19 Collection La Dolce Vita Embodies Hollywood's Golden Age

Inspired by the magnetic stardom of Hollywood's Golden Age, Egyptian Designer Mirna Nakhla set out to create a collection that pays tribute to a time where fashion and style were going through a renaissance.
La Dolce Vita, Mirna Nakhla's latest SS19 Collection, mainly composes of bags and belts that reference the style and aesthetic of the golden age of Hollywood, literally and metaphorically.

Through Mirna's application of golden motifs as a consistent element on all the collection, La Dolce Vita's pieces are equally stunning and consistent. As a collection, each piece Mirna rolls out is a statement piece on its own.
With the likes of the classic black bucket leather bag adorned by the gold motifs, perfectly offsetting and contrasting the black leather, adding the right touch of glamour to your wardrobe. And If you're no fan of black, which is crazy but whatever, her bags come in different shapes and colors that would work with almost about everything, however still maintaining the golden glam throughout the collection. In addition to the bucket leather bag, La Dolce Vita features the show stopping Hexagon Bag, fully covered with a gold exterior, with all the lavish motifs, reminiscent of the allure and elegance of Hollywood's starlets.

Perfectly accessorizing the collection are metallic gold belts and corset-like belts, which hold the collection together, it's that eye for detail and craft what sets Mirna Nakhla's designs special. " I put my heart and soul into every piece I designed. The brand turned out to be a form of self expression that merged everything I stand for, what inspires me along with my passion for Art, Cinema, Music and Fashion all together into one thing," said Mirna to CairoScene, as she further elaborated on the inspiration behind La Dolce Vita and her admiration for the Italian starlets specifically of that era. 

"We’re planning on expanding our range of products and not limit them to what we have already provided. A lot of surprises will be coming your way!" said the designer told us about her future plans for her eponymous brand. Strong willed, creative and bold, Mirna Nakhla is set to conquer the fashion scene with her well crafted design, one drop-down gorgeous bag at a time.

Check out the rest of the collection: