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Mo Salah Donates EGP19 Million Ambulance Center and Azhari School to His Home Town of Nagrig

Football giant Mohamed Salah gave back to his home village of Nagrig with a new school and ambulance centre.

Life isn’t too different from football. Sometimes you’re the striker, and sometimes you’re the winger, but either way you have to work together to pass, receive and shoot the ball (unless you’re the goalie, in which case your job is to stand in the most important part of the field while being completely under-appreciated). So it’s no surprise that superstar Mo Salah brought his teamwork off the field to make the dream work - he recently made a generous contribution to his hometown of Nagrig with a EGP 19.25 million donation! The money went towards a new ambulance centre to serve the village's population of 20,000 people, as well as a new school that will be built right next to it.

The ambulance, which the village was in critical need of, has a price tag of around EGP 250,000 and is already in operation. The rest of the money went to an Azhari school for primary education, which is still being planned for. We wouldn't be surprised if the students end up singing the ‘Mo Sa-la-la-lah’ song in the morning line-up.