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Morbidly Obese and Bedridden Egyptian Woman Calls for Help on Facebook

Iman Abdulati hasn't left her room in 25 years.

A Facebook post imploring the social network’s users to help 36-year-old Iman Ahmad Abdulati, who weighs 500 kg and “hasn’t left her room for 25 years,” is rapidly circulating.   

The post also implores the president to help Abdulati receive medical treatment at Maadi Military Hospital.

According to Al Arabiya, doctors have described Abdulati’s condition as “a disruption of the glands” and diagnosed her with elephantiasis – a disease that causes swelling and water retention in the body, which in turn causes weight gain.

View the post here.

Chaymaa Abdulati, Iman’s sister, who looks after her along with her mother, told Al Arabiya that the bedridden patient’s weight at birth was 5 kg, and that’s when doctors decided she needed glandular disruption medication.

Chaymaa says Iman would move around “using her hands” then, when she turned 11, started to crawl to get around. Iman became bedridden after a cerebral stroke that caused her to become completely physically debilitated.

Iman’s condition has caused her to drop out of elementary school, bringing her entire life to a halt up until this point. No medical institution in Egypt has been able to help with her weight problem, according to Al Arabiya.