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Movement Croatia: The Ultimate Beach Party Festival

Why head to Sahel for the eighteenth time this year when Movement Croatia is pulling out all the stops for a five-day Techno/House festival on the clear blue beaches of the coastal country?

Egypt's got an abundance of beautiful beaches and incredible sights to see, and we all make sure to escape toward them every chance we get – holidays, festivals, weekends, no apparent reason whatsoever. But then, after a while, the wanderlust bug bites and leaves us wanting more. There's got to be more to life than Sahel and Dahab, right? And while some people would love to tour the world and go, like, rock climbing and water water rafting and engage in a variety of other such active people things, some of us prefer to let out our not-so-inner beach bum tendencies and just jam it out to good music on a beach in the sun, past twilight, and well into the middle of the night. There's a certain je ne sais quoi about day-long-parties-turned-night-long-frenzies on the beach.Look out, Croatia, because we're coming and we're bringing the party with us. From July 28th to August 1st, on the gorgeous crystal beaches of The Garden Resort in Tisno, Croatia, Movement Italy and The Bird are bringing Movement Croatia to life – a five-day Techno/House party that runs until the break of dawn. Divided into three main areas – the main stage, the beach stage, and the Barbarella Club – the musical madness begins every day at 4 PM on the beach stage, moves over to the main stage around 7 PM, then, as the clock strikes midnight, it's over to the Barbarella Club to keep the party going until sunshine greets everyone. And let's all be honest; even after that point, everyone will probably keep going. With a minimum of 18 hours of music every day, the festival also features our very own local deck hero, Abou Samra, alongside a wicked lineup of names from Barac through Margaret Dygas and over to Vera.Now where does one stay during a five-day beach party in another country? Well, you've got options. Within The Garden Resort itself are several types of accommodations - apartments, shikar tents, airstreams, podpads, and if you really want to be adventurous, then you can camp. We love the podpads, but that's probably because they remind us of Snow White and the tiny cottage she lived in with the seven dwarfs. We digress.Prices for the festival ticket and accommodations start at 230 €. Not sure if you're ready to commit? Catch a teaser of what's to come at The Temple on May 13th, sans beaches and podpads. Because a little pre-party never hurt nobody. 

For the full lineup and travel details, check out the event page here or follow them on Instagram @movementcroatia.