Friday December 8th, 2023
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Naguib Sawiris’s Abela Egypt Will Manage Sleeper Trains Across Egypt

Catering company Abela Egypt will be accountable for the renovation of sleeper trains, and the salaries of its employees.

Cairo Scene

Abela Egypt, a catering company owned by Egyptian business tycoon Naguib Sawiris, was granted the rights to oversee and manage sleeper trains across Egypt, according to a recent decision by the Egyptian Cabinet.

The catering and services company will be accountable for sleeper train employees’ salaries, in exchange for a portion of the profits. Abela Egypt will also be in charge of renovating the sleeper trains, and covering road and train maintenance expenses.

According to the Minister of Transport, Kamel El Wazir, the decision is part of a nationwide vision to enhance private sector engagement, and is based on Naguib Sawiris’s expertise and experience in the sector.

Currently, Abela Egypt provides catering services on 15 train cars in Egypt, which comprises 13 sleeper cars and two club cars. In 2022 the Egyptian National Railways signed a contract with Spanish train manufacturers, Talgo, to provide Egypt with seven luxurious sleeper trains over the next 15 years.