Tuesday May 21st, 2024
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New E-Portal Issues Permits for Iftars at the Grand Holy Mosque

The newly-digitized process streamlines this important charitable act.

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New E-Portal Issues Permits for Iftars at the Grand Holy Mosque

The application process used to procure a permit to host iftars at the Grand Mosque has now been digitized.

Providers can use the e-portal to select their desired meal location within the grounds of the mosque, as well as to communicate which Saudi Food and Drug Authority approved catering companies, factories, and warehouses they will be contracting with to provide these meals.

In addition to working with government endorsed companies, the items included in the meals - such as pitted dates, cakes, pastries and juice - will need to conform to specific packaging conditions. These guidelines can also be found online.

It is expected that more than 8.5 million iftar meals will be distributed within the mosque this season;  individual philanthropists can provide up to two sufras, while charitable organizations can provide up to 10 sufras. 

These changes are not the only preparations underway to provide for the needs of worshipers at the Grand Mosque. The distribution of 2.5 million bottles of Zamzam water are reserved for worshippers at the Two Holy Mosques, and 1,205 water fountains have been installed in the Grand Holy Mosque’s exterior courtyards.