Thursday 1 of December, 2022
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New Egyptian Movie Depicting The Holy Family Now in the Works

Surprisingly, Al Azhar okayed it.

Staff Writer

While Al Azhar is notorious for its staunch opposition to depicting holy figures through various art forms, with their strictest stances being against motion pictures, it was announced that Al-Azhar has agreed to depicting Jesus Christ in a new Egyptian movie. Joining Al Azhar in giving its blessing is the Egyptian Orthodox Church, which is no surprise as such practice isn't forbidden nor frowned upon in Christianity. 

The movie is currently in the works under the supervision of the Holy Family Marketing Committee, which is the entity officially authorised to organise Holy Trail pilgrimage in Egypt. Nader Girgis of the Holy Family Marketing Committee said that they're now searching for a child that could play Baby Jesus, and that the movie is set to see the participation of some of Egypt's biggest movie stars, however no names have been announced yet.

Girgis further explained that the movie would be an important step to drawing the world's attention to Egypt's Sinai Trail, which allows tourists to, quite literally, follow in the footsteps of the holy family's journey from Sinai to Asyut in Upper Egypt, as they fled the Roman Republic's murderous King Herod The Great.