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Newly Appointed Minister Causes Controversy Before Even Starting

Social media was ablaze with inappropriate comments about the new female ministers in Egypt's cabinet, but one independent woman lashed out...

Nabila Makram Ebeid Abdel Shahid, the newly appointed Minister of Immigration and Egyptian Expatriate Affairs, has already somehow stirred controversy before completing her first 60 minutes in office. In the true sexist fashion only us Egyptians are capable of, a baboon also known as a man also known as Ahmed Moussa has managed to already critique Abdel Shahid not on the merit of her work, but rather her choice of clothing.

Moussa spoke out on his TV show saying that, despite her respectable history, she still went on and made her first mistake by wearing short sleeves and loose hair. And in true misogynistic fashion, fellow Egyptians joined Moussa by taking to social media and making comments such as "We've never seen Egypt so pretty," in reference to the other female ministers who were sworn in at the same ceremony as Abdel Shahid. The other women adhered to the protocol of dress which calls for no make-up, a formal dress, and the hair to be partly pinned up.

Abdel Shahid in response to the controversy said that just because she was appointed minister, she will not change who she is. In a recent interview (below) Abdel Shahid responds to Moussa and the general public response on social media by saying how she chose to dress is taking up too much of the public's time and that there's more pressing issues at hand.