Thursday 8 of December, 2022
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Now You Can Actually Feed People By Snapping Your Food!

InterContinental Cairo Citystars Hotel has teamed up with The Egyptian Food Bank to make sure your Ramadan food porn shared online is serving the right cause, and donating a free meal instantly when you use their hashtag #IHGGivesBack.

Staff Writer

We’ve been monitoring you throughout the past couple of Ramadan days, and we’ve noticed one main commonality. No, it is not that everyone’s had ma7shy wara2 3enab and samboosak for Iftar, although we've enjoyed staring at your huge amounts of mouthwatering ma7ashy platters and the incredible portions of post-Iftar basboosa. However, everyone has been sharing their food snaps online! Here’s the catch: what if you can actually share the food, and not just the pictures? There's a new advanced technology allows people to reach into their phones, search for food pictures online, and physically grab a bowl of whatever they for free! We’re totally kidding. Instagram still doesn’t allow you to even zoom in aslan.

To replicate this cool feature that hasn’t been discovered yet and make it come to life, InterContinental Cairo Citystars will be donating a meal instantly through the Egyptian Food Bank as you share your food and experience snaps online with the hashtag #IHGGivesBack. Food porn has never been so ethical! The Egyptian Food Bank has been around for almost 10 years, and now they’ve taken it to the next level through this collaboration with InterContinental Cairo Citystars. So for every picture you shoot at InterContinental Cairo Citystars with the hashtag throughout the month of Ramadan, a family will be receiving a meal. What a more brilliant time to give back to your community than the holy month of Ramadan? 

Happy snapping!

Check out the InterContinental Cairo Citystars Facebook page here, and follow them on Instagram @interconcitystars.