Saturday September 23rd, 2023
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Oldish: Downtown's Newest Courtyard Cafe

Downtown Cairo is full of little treasures and the district's latest addition is Oldish, a rustic chic cafe that features a spacious courtyard, is fast becoming our favourite new place to unwind...

Staff Writer

The 31st of December saw the soft opening of Oldish, a cafe with rustic charm, in Downtown Cairo. Situated on Mohamed Mahmoud St. the cafe is hidden behind a distinctly vintage oriental-style wooden door, adding meaning to the name, and giving the red Fez in the logo an explanation. From the exterior it looks like a cute, tiny cafe; enter through the old door and you will find yourself in an open air courtyard dotted with little oriental trinkets and decorations that abide by the same theme. Something about the place is very distinct, like an ethereal being that you are familiar with is hanging around. The space it now occupies was deserted for a long time, and the owners of Oldish had scouted it almost two years ago, but never took any action to seal the deal. We're glad they finally got around to transforming the previously abandoned spot because it's the perfect chic oasis in the middle of the city, Oldish has this feeling like you are sitting in a different country. Without a doubt it has something special about it, and if you decide to visit you will find out that it's not just the charming decor, or just the elaborate menu, or the friendly staff; instead it is all of that plus that intense feeling of history that manifests itself as soon as you walk through that antique front door.

Check out their Facebook page here, and follow them on Instagram @oldisheg.