Wednesday 7 of December, 2022
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#OpenYourCity With Heineken's Egyptian Beers

Ain't no summer without beer, and ain't no beer without Heineken. The brew meisters have unleashed new cans and bottles with Egypt's top cities written on them in Arabic.

Staff Writer

Drop everything and go grab yourself some beer because Heineken just launched their #OpenYourCity campaign (as if you even need a reason to drop everything for an ice-cold beer) with Arabic Egyptian city names on your favourite beer brand.

Whether you prefer to drink from a bottle or a can, Heineken has your back and more; their projects encourages people to think more about the city they are in (i.e getting their drinks from) aiming to make everyone explore their city and see the beauty in the country whether it's in Alexandria or Aswan.

 Right in time for a summer of exploration, we challenge you to try and drink your ice cold Heineken in each of the city's on the labels!