Monday 5 of December, 2022
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Ordering A Doctor Online?

Now, thanks to a new website, you can order a doctor - that's right - right from the comfort of your own computer.

Staff Writer

In times of poor health, the decision to seek assistance of a doctor is one of the hardest ones to make. Trusting someone with your health cannot be taken lightly. Many people are discouraged from consulting a doctor because they do not know where to find one. For those who have a hard time identifying a doctor or nurse to trust, the internet has found the solution for you. As easy as looking up symptoms online, the new internet service is now making a consultation with an actual doctor or professional nurse as easy as ordering a Chinese take-away.

Navigating the site to make your very own, custom-made doctor's appointment reminds one of an online shopping experience. When visiting, patients are required to either seek an appointment at a clinic or a house visit. After choosing the desired time, they will be able to provide additional information simplifying the arrangement, such as the specific expertise they will need or a desired location. Within seconds they will find a list of all the doctors in the desired area, their hours of practice and their charges.

With a simple click, patients can review any given doctor and find out about past experiences of other patients - a necessary service considering previous stories from doctors. Among the aspects that the service assesses doctors with are professionalism, waiting time and friendliness. The doctor's profile also offers information about the degrees and institutions the doctor has in his portfolio. Members of the site can then order a doctor's appointment without even leaving the comfort of their home or picking up the phone receiver. Choosing the right doctor has never been this easy...

With this new servicem uncertainty over where to find professional help in times of illness has ceased to exist. The internet has once again found a way to provide us with a basic need by just clicking on the right buttons. Doctors will have to worry about their services being adequately represented on the World Wide Web, while consumers have one less thing to worry about thanks to the omnipresent help of the internet.