Thursday May 23rd, 2024
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Over 1.3 Million Pre-Marital Health Certificates Issued in One Month

These certificates are part of a new government initiative to inform young couples about their health.

Cairo Scene

Over 1.3 Million Pre-Marital Health Certificates Issued in One Month

The Ministry of Health and Population has announced that approximately 1,390,000 pre-marital health certificates have been issued in the first month of a new health screening initiative aimed at educating young couples and their families about their health. While medical examinations have been a mandatory requirement for those hoping to marry in Egypt since 2008, this new program adds additional tests and requires these results to be judged by a committee before being sent to the Ministry of Health.

In the hour-long medical screening needed to obtain a certificate, couples are tested for multiple communicable and non-communicable diseases, including AIDS, hepatitis C, hepatitis B, diabetes, Mediterranean anaemia, and more. In addition to testing for illnesses, further procedures measure metrics such as blood pressure, haemoglobin levels, blood type, obesity, and more.

The stated purpose of these tests is to inform individuals and families about the health of the couple as well as future generations. According to a health ministry spokesman, those who test positive for a health condition are transferred to specialised clinics to receive medical care and psychological support. In addition, their partner is required to sign the results of the medical tests in front of an authorised person.

Once issued, certificates are valid for six months. The Ministry of Health recommends conducting the examinations at least two weeks before marriage. These screenings are conducted on a regular basis in centres specifically designed for these tests.