Tuesday 29 of November, 2022
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Pamper Yourself with Vodafone RED Points

Vodafone is adding just one more reason to go RED with a new points program.

Staff Writer


We spend hours each day on our mobiles and we carry them around everywhere. As a token of appreciation from Vodafone for every moment its customers spend on their mobiles and on its network, Vodafone designed Red Points program to reward its Red customers to a whole new level of luxury experience.

Vodafone has teamed up with an epic list of partners that will start dishing out points and accept Red points in exchange of thousands of products and services. 

Red Points loyalty program gives its loyal customers a 5% payback on their bill and on their purchases from Vodafone partners’ stores. So for every pound you spend on your Vodafone bill, you get one point and for every five pounds spent at any partners’ store you get one point as well.

You can spend the points at any  of Vodafone store or at one of Vodafone partners’, you could  treat yourself with some gelato from Stavolta,  a make-over at Mazaya or get away to an Intercontinental Resort with a night on the town and a full mobile data allotment. There are way more things you could do using your Red points

All you Vodafone Red customers pamper yourself and start racking up points.

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