Saturday 3 of December, 2022
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Pimp My Shahin

The historic Nasr Car Manufacturing Company is being revived by the military meaning the first fully Egyptian designed and manufactured car might be in the works...

Staff Writer

According to MENA, Egypt's government has decided to stop the liquidation of the state-owned Nasr Car manufacturing company, and will restructure the plant to return to manufacturing. The military production ministry will be taking over the plant after its financial position is revised. Reda Hafez, production minister, believes “ the resumption of production at Nasr factory will definitely boost Egypt's industry and will be vital to its economy.”

The company was founded in 1960 and was the first car production firm in the Middle East specialising in the assembly of Fiat automobiles. It also produced the infamous budget car brand, Shahin; a Turkish Fiat hybrid. The company faced problems when their debt reached almost LE2 billion in 2009, and the government began liquidating the firm.

Now the government is looking into the possibility of creating the real first Egyptian designed and produced vehicle. We here at CairoScene have been day-dreaming about what the perfect Egyptian car would like...

We imagine that the wheels will be fitted with tuk-tuk style spikes sticking out of the hub-caps while the tires will have low tread allowing for more drifting. The windows won't be tinted but mirrored, with the hopes of reflecting the high beams back at the asshole behind you who is as stuck in traffic as you are, but somehow thinks you can do something about it. The horn will automatically say whatever you are trying to say instead of letting the jackass in front of you decipher beeping Morse Code. The glove compartment should have a hash compartment that pulls out so that rolling is made easy on the go and the stereo will not have a volume dial: it will permanently be as loud as possible. The exterior will be reinforced in order to withstand the inevitable dancing on the hood and roof. The grill will have spikes sticking out in order to forcibly disperse protesters in your way and instead of normal head lights, the car will be equipped with strobe lights deterring anyone from driving in front of you. Instead of one car lighter there will be three, and the side-mirrors will be retractable.