Monday 28 of November, 2022
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Pink Taxis About to Invade the Streets of Cairo

Driven by women, for women. Get ready for Pink Taxi Egypt!

Staff Writer

Remember when you were young and getting every Barbie accessory ever was the be all and end all of life? You needed the have the house and the car and the Ken… When we say young, we mean like, last week. Anyway, making all your childhood pink-coloured dreams come true is the latest vehicular addition to Cairo’s streets: Pink Taxi Egypt.

Except this new car service is not intended to realise all your childhood fantasies; the upcoming service is meant to keep women safe. Though the service will feature pink cars, according to their Facebook page (yay! Some Barbie dreams DO come true), they will also feature a fleet of entirely female drivers, and will only cater to female passengers. The all-female service was decided to ensure the safety and comfort of both the passengers as well as the drivers.

It’s meant to be a by-order service, via phone, website, or the mobile app, eliminating the need to catch a cab in the street, or even to order a cab with a male driver which may make some women uneasy, especially during later hours. The service has yet to launch but according to the Facebook page, the founders say they are working on obtaining all the proper licensing for both the cars and drivers, and conducting security checks on the drivers before the service can start being operational.

You can check out their Facebook page here.