Monday 5 of December, 2022
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Rave Culture Hits Cairo

Peace, love, unity and respect are about to hit Cairo's clubbing scene as a super secret Psytrance party goes ahead in the desert this Thursday. Conor Sheils speaks to the organisers to find out more.

Staff Writer

Cairo has long been accused of having a bland, elitist and sometimes downright lame Electronic music scene but we meet the man breaking down musical boundaries and uniting everyone with a love for party, unity and Psytrance. Amr Sakr hopes to recreate a vibe reminiscent of the party scene that flourished in Europe during the late 80s and early 90s, which saw clubbers of all cultures, classes and creeds uniting under one musical banner. And his ambitious project begins this weekend with a secret Psytrance party hidden at a secret desert location.

Sakr is passionate about his vision for Cairo's electronic music future. "We are not doing this to make a profit. All I want to do is create an event where people can enjoy a relaxed party where people can be happy and have a good time." Yet Sakr, who teaches music production during the week, is humble yet ambitious about the event dubbed Cairo's first Psy night. "We are starting small but over time - if the event is successful we hope to add psychedelic decor and visuals. We are allowing a maximum of 200 people in as that is all we can handle at the moment but as the movement grows there is no limit to what we can achieve. If it works elsewhere then there is no reason why can't do it here in Egypt too."

The rave-style gathering will be held at a top secret location allowing party-goers to enjoy an evening of good vibes, plenty of smiles and body shaking psychedelic beats. Psytrance is a style of music which originated on the hippie-filled beaches of Goa and has since gained a global following with it's message of peace, love and unity. And Sakr claims he loves the style from the moment he laid ears on it. "I've loved Psytrance since I was a kid. It's such a brilliant genre, brilliantly technical in almost every way." Unfortunately, until now, there are no Egyptians doing it here. "So I wondered, well why not? Why is nobody promoting this wonderful style of music in my home country? Until now Egypt hasn't been ready for many styles of electronic dance music but I feel that this is all about to change," he adds.

And Sakr believes that the party is just the beginning of a change. "Now is the time when we are sowing the seeds of an Electronic dance music boom right here in Egypt and definitely within five years ths scene is going to flourish. There are so many styles that were not being covered here now but that is about to change thanks to the younger crop of DJs. The future is just beginning."