Sunday 4 of December, 2022
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Red Bull Challenges Egyptian Students: Can You Make It?

The people behind Red Bull are doing it again, but this time they're bringing the challenge to the students of Egypt in this annual competition. So, can you make it?

Staff Writer

Get ready because Red Bull is taking you away for an epic one week-long adventure. Competition, yes, but still, it's one hell of an adventure. Red Bull are no strangers to extreme activities; they have been giving wings to people to surf in storms at midnight, wings to jump off cliffs on a motorcycle, and a few more things likely to give your mother cardiac arrest. This time, and for the first time in Egypt, Red Bull will be giving you wings to soar through Europe’s streets with their Can You Make It? competition happening in April of 2016. 

A hybrid between a competition and a journey, Red Bull's Can You Make It? is giving you a chance to see if you can be one of the 165 teams to cross Europe, covering over 1,000 KM, using Red Bull cans as your only form of currency. Barcelona, Florence, Berlin, Edinburgh, or Prague; one of these cities will serve as the starting point for the selected teams. Each team will then give up their cash, cards, and phones before embarking on a seven-day lifetime experience using only Red Bull cans as their survival kit. The cans will be traded for food, transportations, sleep arrangements, fun and activities, and basically anything that otherwise requires money. But you don’t have money; you have Red Bull, your charm, your wittiness, your creativity, and your patience to get by.  

Each team will be judged based upon three factors: Checkpoint Challenges, completing tasks on the Adventure List, and Social Following. If you think you can make it, go for it. Get two friends to make a team of three people, all of whom must be current university students. Then upload a one-minute video here, stating what makes you the ideal team for this competition by sharing your sense of adventure, up-to-anything attitude, imagination, and humour. The application is now open and will last until the 14th of February. The next step is to gather 7ob el sha3b as the team with the highest votes from each country will become the semi-finalists, who will then be judged by a panel to determine whether or not they'll be one of the teams chosen to fly to one of the five starting points for their European journey

Unlike Frank Sinatra, we like to think that if we can make it in Egypt - specifically Cairo - we can smoothly make it anywhere. We'll see how that pans out.

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