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Red Bull & The Hitchhiker Girls

They said Red Bull gives you wings, and now the energy drink giants are putting it to the test asking competitors to travel around Europe using their cans as currency. We check in to see how team Lebanon is doing...

The romantic idea of trekking Europe has hit everyone at some point in their lives but the obstacle of, you know, money always seems to stand in the way. Well, Red Bull in an unintentionally anti-capitalist way are saying f**k you to money, you don't need it, the world is yours and nothing can stand in your way. In an unprecedented and typically adventurous way, Red Bull have pushed the envelope with their new competition, challenging mind, body, and pocket with their new contest: Can You Make It?

Here's the deal, 100 university teams from 27 countries all over the world have been tasked with travelling over 1000 kilometers across Europe in 7 days using only Red Bull cans as currency.

Three pretty girls crossing boarders and finding food, shelter, and transport without a dime seems like trouble waiting to happen but so far the team representing the Middle East, Lebanon's The Hitchhike Girls consisting of Lara Talih, Mona Talih and Shadden Fakih, have already reached five different countries trading 209 cans of Red Bull since the competition began on 4th April. The aim of the teams is to reach Berlin by the 11th of April.

You can support and follow the team on their adventures with up to date tracking, photos and videos here.

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