Wednesday 30 of November, 2022
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Reebok Joins the City Stars Walk and You Can Win Big

The gigantic athletic wear company is going to be hosting a massive scavenger hunt and of course you have a chance to win some big prizes.

Staff Writer

Reebok’s recent renaissance has seen the iconic sportswear brand return to glory, becoming the go-to name for athletes and fashionistas alike, and this weekend they’re teaming up with CityStars and sports pros Stallions to test your agility and intelligence in return for a chance to win a 500 LE voucher to spend in store.  

How do you win the voucher though? By participating in a good old fashioned scavenger hunt, folks. 100 people will be meeting at CityStars and splitting up into 10 teams of 10. Lead by instructors from Stallions you and your group will be partaking in the City Stars Walk where, not only will you get some physical exercise, but the chance to win some free stuff which is always nice. The event will take place at Atrium A next to the fountain at 2pm on June 6th so be sure to get there early so you can get a spot.

The first team to finish the scavenger hunt will win a whopping 5,000 LE voucher to be split evenly between the team members.  Take advantage of this opportunity people as everyone who is consistently physically active knows that it’s good to work out with good gear but it’s even better when you have good gear that looks great.

Find Reebok at City Stars at store 412-413, Phase 1 (next to the food court) 4th floor and connect with them on Facebook here.