Saturday 3 of December, 2022
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Robo-bum, Ready to Help

Doctors advance technology with the creation of a machine buttocks, ready to be penetrated for medical purposes.

Staff Writer

Robots will be soon be taking over, butt before that happens, here is the newest robot innovation to join the constantly advancing age of technology: A robotic bum that is placed in front of a television, to help medical students train for prostate exams. 

But before we get into the finer details of the matter, introductions are in order. World meet Patrick. Patrick is an on screen virtual male with a robotic bum that literally pops out of the screen. The mechanical derriere was created by Dr. Benjamin Lok, who claims that his robot is equipped with force sensors that measure the amount of pressure applied by the penetrator in question.

This proves as close an encounter of the sort that one can achieve without having to get their hands dirty. It even measures eye contact between student and virtual patient, which begs the question, who wants to be glaring into the eyes of a doctor while he (or she) has their fingers in your rectum. Here's hoping that the gulf invests in this technology, as the last thing anyone wants, is an untrained airport doctor making sure you aren't gay, without looking in your eyes.