Sunday 4 of December, 2022
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Sahl Hasheesh Will Be Hosting Its First International Equestrian Championship This April

Jockeys in Egypt, rejoice! Now, for the first time in Egypt, you can take your competitive skills and do some horseback riding by the Red Sea.

Staff Writer

While most of us are probably glued to our office chairs right now with a screen staring back at us, counting the days till the coming weekend, others are preparing for horseback riding on the Red Sea… Yes, such a combination actually exists. Running from the 21st till the 25th of April, and under the auspice of the Egyptian Equestrian Federation, the first Sahl Hasheesh International Equestrian Championship will be drawing together 265 horses and 27 international riders hailing from 20 countries.Participating in the championship, to be held at Old Town Sahl Hasheesh, are many professional riders like Brazilian Luis Antonio Rodrigues Neves, Romanian Luca Andrei Ruxandriu, as well as Egyptian Karim Zoghby, who has been truly excelling in the sport. Zoghby, who moved to Great Britain at the age of 13, had decided since childhood that he wanted to become a horse rider. He's clearly exerted a lot of effort and has been faithfully dedicated to his dream, since he will now be competing in the next Olympics. So, for those who are into equestrianism – or those who know nothing about the sport but are curious – you have a chance to go knock yourself out with some high-end horseback riding with a killer view. Give it a try; you might discover some unknown passion for sand, sea, and – well.. – horses!

You can find out more on Sahl Hasheesh's Facebook page here or follow them on Instagram @sahlhasheesheg.