Monday 5 of December, 2022
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Samira Ahmad is Auctioning Off Her Clothes to Benefit The "Tahya Masr" Fund

The old-school cinema sweetheart wants to give back to the country she loves.

Staff Writer

The Egyptian cinema legend Samira Ahmad is known for her particular fondness of her wardrobes from her dozens of movies over the years. But she's also known for her dire love of the country.

"I love this country and I'm prepared to do anything for this country," she said on Al 'Ashera Masa'an on Dream TV as she announced that she'll be selling (and then donating the money from) her entire prized collection of dresses and outfits from her many films which she has long held close to her heart.

"I'm always thinking of this [giving back to the country]. I don't have anything I think of more," she told talk show host Wael El Ebrashy. Samira said she'd auction off the now exceptional pieces of Egyptian folklore that occupy a special cultural and historical place in many Egyptians' hearts and not only hers. The money she receives from the clothes, which date back as long ago as the 1960s, is what she'll be donating to the Tahya Masr Fund.

The cinema and TV star has been away from the spotlight for some years but is poised to come back soon with a new series, Bel7ob Han3ady written by Youssef Mo'atty.

Here's the video of Samira making the announcement on Dream TV: