Friday September 29th, 2023
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Saudi Embassy in Cairo denies Sending WhatsApp Alert

Since when do embassies use voice notes for alerts anyway!

Staff Writer

The Saudi Arabian Embassy in Cairo denied that the embassy was responsible for a voice message broadcasted over WhatsApp that stated that Egyptian gangs are blackmailing Saudi women. According to Egypt Independent, the embassy explained on twitter that the message was sent by an employee at the embassy and was not an official warning from the embassy "as the Embassy is not sure of authenticity of the message's information, the embassy would like to make clear that it will officially publish warnings, alerts and information through press statements and official social media pages."

The embassy has stated that it bears no responsibility for any information circulated individually. According to Al-Bilad, the embassy denied that any such voice message was ever made by one of its staff members.

Embassy always broadcasts any sort of alert or announcement through its official channels or social media pages to avoid any sort of doubt or controversy, however if there are any known threats, embassies do not hesitate to alert their citizens.

Main Image by VOA Media.