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Saudi Girl Gives E-Lessons

An 11-year-old Saudi Arabian girl has become an online sensation, offering English lessons to Arabic speakers and a lot more on her YouTube channel.

In the Middle East, women and education can be contentious issue for some, but one 11-year-old is kicking the naysayers in the nads by launching her own free online school.

Saudi youngster Majd Al-Asiri has taken a leaf from womens' education heroine Malala Yousafzai but little Majd has taken her plans a step further by setting up her own online learning centre. The self-styled child genius gives lessons in English for Arabic speakers and Arabic for English speakers, alongside courses in self-development, mathematics, art and photography to 14,000 people from across the globe via YouTube.

Majd said she strives to boost the culture of knowledge, work and cooperation in the family and with others. Meanwhile, her dad, Muhammad Abdullah Al-Asiri, couldn't be prouder of his little girls success in the classroom, adding that Majd’s siblings are getting in on the act. “She provides her lessons free of charge. Men, women and children of different ages benefit from her lessons by Alpha71 Academy. The family is carrying out a clear message, which is new to our society. The family has several objectives, most prominent of which is to disseminate the culture of working from home,” he explains.

Majd has assigned her eldest sister Reem, 26, who is doing her master’s in the US, to manage the page. Maha, 24, who is doing her master’s in computer science, has been assigned the task of technical management of the page while Shahd, 21, who is a student in pharmacology, gives drawing lessons. Ahd, 20, is a self-development trainer and Raghad, 16, who specialises in graphic design, has been assigned the task of editing her videos. Saudi sisters are doing it for themselves!