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Shit Coffee

The latest in coffee trends? Beans that have been eaten and pooped by animals. No, we're not bullshitting.

How much would you pay for a really good cup of coffee? 20 LE – 50 LE a cup, or does that seem too high? If  we told you that a cup of the finest crappy coffee in the world fetches up to $50 a cup, would you believe us?

Well it's true. A cup of Kopi Luwak, is also known as cat poop coffee, can run up as high 80$. Kopi Luwak is essentially coffee that is harvested from the shit of a civet and animal which resembles a cat and is closely related to the mongoose. The civet has a reputation of climbing the trees in search for the very best coffee berries. Once ingested, these coffee beans are partially digested by enzymes that are responsible for fermenting the beans to perfection, giving the coffee its distinct richness.

A reporter for The Guardian visited a farm in Indonesia, where malnourished and dying civets were compared to caged chickens. This unethical treatment has led to the creation of uncaged fair trade farms, where civets are free to roam making the harvesting that much harder.

Surprisingly the world can't seem to get enough of poo coffee, so much so that coffee suppliers are searching for the next animal to crap out gold in the form of partially digested coffee. Many believe that elephant-excreted coffee is the next big wave with the only possible contender being Jacu bird faeces coffee. It's absolutely crazy that this is actually a thing, but the many who have tried them swear that they are better than non-pooped out coffee. What a shitty world we live in...