Tuesday December 5th, 2023
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Dec 05,2023

Show Yourself Some Love on Instagram and Win Free Shades from Baraka Optics!

In honour of Valentine's Day, Baraka Optics is challenging you to show yourself a little love for a change! Get all narcissistic on Instagram and get rewarded with a free pair of brand new shades from Baraka Optics!

Staff Writer

Everybody loves themselves secretly, they just like to play it cool and get all self deprecating whenever the subject of self love comes up because nobody wants to be branded a narcissist. But we just received word that the nation’s web may be about to get whipped into a self appreciation frenzy, because while the whole world is getting in on this whole Valentine's Day thing and loving someone else, Baraka Optics is encouraging people to show a little self love instead - because y'know, it's important for your soul and stuff to love yourself. 

Baraka Optics want you to write something you love about yourself on a piece of paper and post it on Instagram tagging @barakaopticseg and using the hashtag #ShadeYourself. The first 50 people to post will get a free pair of shades! FREE SHADES. We tried talking them out of it, but then we took it back because we realised this could be our chance to share with the world how much we really love our ears. We have great ears.

You have until Saturday 13th of February at 11:59 PM to submit your entry. If you are one of the first 50 and you win, you can claim your shades any day starting February 14 until April 14 from Baraka's Mohandessin branch on El Seid St.

So, yeah, this year in the spirit of Valentine's Day, direct the love towards yourself! 

Find out more on Baraka's Instagram!