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Snugg as a Bug in a Blanket

Because you're blanket NEEDS sleeves, apparently.

Close your eyes and imagine it's the weekend. You're on your living room sofa, you've got a movie streamed in front of you that you're excited to watch and a bowl of Coco Pops with your name on, crackling with seduction. The air conditioner is broken. Of course it is. No Egyptian thinks with the foresight to fix the AC so it works for heat as well. You try it once and it just blows out smelly air. You can't be bothered to go through the effort of finding a repair man because you think the weather is going to get warm very soon, but what do you do now?! You put on a hoody. It's not enough. You put put on a second layer. Now you're not comfortable. Fuck your life! Okay time for plan C, the be all end all of lazing-around-the-house-ness. You grab your bedroom blanket, snuggle up and start the film. Shit! Now you want them Coco Pops down your gullet. Do you risk bringing your arms out of the blanket and bare the arctic chill? You do, but now the blanket is just sort of covering your legs so what's the point! You readjust, but now the cereal has spilled all over your bedroom blanket, and will stay forever as a brown spot on your bed that your friends will say is poop. How does one avoid such intricate atrocities of daily living?! Here's how - Snuggs. Sleeved blankets. Bam! We had a chat with the founders of the Egyptian company making them - 


Who are the founders of Snuggs?

The founders are two AUC graduates and a GUC graduate; Ali works at a multinational and Aya and Karoush work in a corporate credit department in a bank.

When was the moment that you decided you are going to make and sell sleeved blankets?

It all started with a girl going to Norway,

and a guy who wanted to blow her mind away. 

He found the gift on Ebay, 

but the time of delivery was a delay.

So He had to make it his own way, 

he got a blanket... it was grey. 

Then added some sleeves,

needless to say, he made her day. 

However she ran away,

he wanted to get the blanket back anyway.

So SNUGGS came along the way,

and now its here in Egypt and not only on Ebay.

That's a touching poem. On a scale of being stuck at the mogamma3 and sleeping in a bed of cashmere with marshmallow pillows on morphine, where does Snuggs rate in terms of comfort?

Let's just say inside SNUGGS is a new comfort zone; and soon SNUGGS will replace comfortableness in the dictionary!

Okay... Do you think sleeved blankets promote lazy habits?

We are not showing off, but we are doing push-ups right now wearing SNUGGS.

You have a very small window to sell in Cairo when it's still cold. What are you going to do in summer?

We are waiting for a new summer story... *winks*

Do you think it's cool if people go out in Snuggs?

Everything is cooler with SNUGGS... live the SNUGGS lifestyle *winks again*

What are the different styles and colours available? What's the price range and how can one order?

The available colors for the current season are royal blue, maroon, green, and grey; as for orders, we take orders through our Facebook page, our Instagram, and our website will be launched soon; however our contact numbers are always available through all these channels. SNUGGS are standardized size (200 cm x 150 cm) and that costs 240 EGP including delivery, and payment is upon delivery to your door. Delivery takes from 2-3 working days max. SNUGGS UP because your blanket needs sleeves.