Sunday April 2nd, 2023
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St. Regis is Coming to Cairo for the First Time Ever

Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide come bearing Cairo the most exceptional and thoughtful gift of all: The St. Regis Cairo!

Staff Writer

You know how after this Ramadan, a particular fictional story, made us want to live in a particular fictional hotel called Grand Hotel? Yes, it's a given that we were intrigued by the amount of drama and mystery, but we were equally intrigued by the elegance, grace, and beauty exuding from the place itself.

If we told you, though, that there is a place that has all that Swarovsking, chandeliering, spiral staircasing, and all-around glamour, and that it's the first of its kind in Cairo, and the second of its kind in – that continent we're part of – Africa? The St. Regis Cairo is finally here. Visually captivating, it makes us want to put on our best tuxes, swankiest dresses, and the most foot-numbing heels, so we can strut around to a jazz soundtrack. And then, we want to put on the glasses we bought for ultra-intellectual occasions of checking out their library and observing murals and stuff.We can't help but imagine ourselves in The Great Gatsby – in 3D, of course – with a more extravagant setting than the East Egg mansion, living it up in New York, just a few years after The St. Regis New York was founded by John Jacob Astor in 1904. And since that time, until today, there is one particular service that everyone will appreciate more than anything: The St. Regis Signature butler service. We love Butlers who can make us feel important, and help us keep our life together during our stays; they help us from the minute we unpack to the minute we pack.

We're certain that at this point, you think we're making this up. Nope. It's as real as the SPG Lounge at Martin's Beach in the exclusive Marassi this weekend, Friday August 5th and Saturday August 6th, where The St. Regis Cairo upper management team will be there to prepare this city for its new symbol of Modern Egyptian Grandeur. They will be engaging potential guests through different activities and celebrations, including the very traditional art of sabering. If you don't know what sabering is, then there are many, many things this city has yet to learn and Cairo's finest address shall make that happen.

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