Thursday July 25th, 2024
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Sahel Food Festivals: For the First Time Ever Souk El Akel Brings Lebanon to Egypt

Sick of generic kebbeh that tastes nothing like kebbeh?

Staff Writer

Sahel Food Festivals: For the First Time Ever Souk El Akel Brings Lebanon to Egypt

If you find yourself accidentally drooling every time tabbouleh comes up in conversation, then we have the best news for you: Souk El Akel, a mouth-watering Lebanese and international street food festival, is finally coming to Egypt. The festival, where you can buy your stomach something pretty on the weekend, is packing up and migrating to Egypt to have us interact physically, mentally, emotionally and wholly *deep breath* with authentic Shami delectables.
Beirut’s popular street food festival, Souk El Akel, is made up of over 120 Lebanese foodies and 30 food stands, who will be working diligently to resurrect our Egyptian taste buds with the vibrant tastes, smells, and sultry textures of Lebanese dishes. Come to mama! We're always willing to have excuses for our mouths and brains to experience culinary excellence. Always.The festival, which will be happening next weekend on the 11th, 12th, and 13th of August at the Porto Marina Complex in Sahel, will be blowing our minds with unique, innovative culinary combinations that include elements craved by our taste buds. Just take a minute to list all your favourite flavours combined, and try not to enter a mental food coma. That, along with the ambience of warm and subtle joy of browsing street food while strolling, will surely have us reliving the Souk El Akel event every time we try crappy foods.
So, if you’re sick of the classic oily chicken fingers in the office, and getting wrong orders delivered to you 60 minutes later, you should definitely reconsider how you're treating your belly, and perhaps consider taking it out to a festival and challenge it on how much food it can hold.

Check out Souk El Akel’s event page for more information.