Saturday 10 of December, 2022
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The Tap Is Importing a Ton of Delicious New Liquids

The greatest empire that Egypt has ever seen is setting up for a total takeover with their new imports.

Staff Writer
The Tap has taken over Egypt in every direction, and the empire of The Tap is as expansive as it is awesome. At its three locales, be it Maadi, New Cairo, or the North Coast, you can always expect an experience unlike anything else in Egypt. Distinct decor, bangin’ food, and the most diverse lineup of tasty beverages. Speaking of which, we’ve received top secret information that the minds behind The Tap are planning on widening their already-extensive selection of delicious liquids to include even more of them.
All of The Tap's beers, ciders, coolers, and wines are getting a massive boost. They'll be importing a wider selection of wines from all the best places you can get wine from: France, Italy, and the U.S. Of course, we hope the snobby sources will give the classy Tap-goers a reason to stick noses in their glasses, swirl it around, and say something pretentious like, “Hmm, yes, quite an aromatic bouquet they've got here.”
On the beer front, they’ve added a little bit of south-of-the-border flavour (South of the American border, that is) by stocking up on Egypt’s newest tequila-flavoured sensation, Desperados, as well as the classic Dos Equis, and the original Mexican beer, Sol. Add to that the Italian beer Birra Moretti, Newcastle Brown Ale from the UK, and Smirnoff Ice. We're not alcoholics, but we have enough experience to say that The Tap may be the place to get your – imported – drink on.
If beer and wine aren’t your thing, we're not letting you go without alcohol in your system. We think you may be a cider kind of person, which is getting a massive inventory influx with the addition of Strongbow Classic and Dark Fruit Cider, and all the colours of the Bulmars Cider rainbow – this includes classic, pear, red berries and lime, and black cherry varieties.
If you're a regular at The Tap, you should now be smiling – more dranks, YAAAAS! If not, you should be preparing your hangover smoothie, because you need to feel well when you're up the next day regretting your life choices.
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Photographed by @MO4Network's Kareem El Sabaa #MO4Productions