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Egypt's First Steampunk Accessories Brand is Here

Industrial-era-inspired adornments? Yeah, it's a thing.

Pioneering a form of art that's otherwise unknown to a whole country is quite a feat, however for Ahmed Saeed, founder of Natalies Gallery, it just so happened that steam punk has always been a passion of his. So he simply decided to take it to the next level by producing highly detailed, industrial-era inspired accessories after it had already been a hobby of his for years."It all started when I laid my hands on my grandpa's antique pocket watch when I was younger," explains Saeed. "I unscrewed it down to tiny parts and built a completely different accessory, and after that it just became my favorite pastime."Through the streets and alleys of Downtown Cairo, Saeed went hunting for old watches, water masks, and basically any vintage item that fits the steam punk aesthetic he's grown to love. After numerous compliments and praise from his friends and family, he launched Natalie's Gallery to share his creations with the world.As little as EGP 250 is all one would need to get their hands on these hip, unique adornments, but it can get quite pricey as Saeed regularly makes pieces that have real gold and precious stones in them. He uses his creativity to make necklaces, key chains, rings, earrings and many other kinds of accessories. With bigger machine parts, Saeed makes home accessories like this lamp that really gives an edge to any room it would stand in.Steampunk is a science fantasy subgenre that involves heavy use of small machine parts for aesthetic designs. It's closely associated with the rise of Cyberpunk however it dates back to the industrial and Victorian eras.

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