Sunday December 10th, 2023
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Sudanese Undergrad Students Welcome to Finish Their Degrees at Assiut Uni, Says University President

A great gesture in troubling times.

Staff Writer

In the wake of the escalation of political tensions in Egypt's southern neighbor Sudan, Egypt's Assiut University has opened its doors to Sudanese undergrad students looking to finish their degrees. President of the Upper Egypt-located university, Tarek Al Gammal, has stated that it is a small gesture of support to Sudanese students in such troubling times.

Al Gammal further explained that the decision came after the university administration received several inquiries from Sudanese students, who expressed their wish to transfer there to finish their studies, particularly those who study medicine. He said such students are welcome, given they satisfy admission requirements, which are quite similar to university requirements in Sudan.

Students transferring from Sudanese universities will be supported through various ways, said Al Gammal, including eased admissions and payments, as well as provision of health insurance coverage and subsidised accommodation at the university's dormitories.

Photo: Supiri Secondary School in Juba, South Sudan.