Tuesday July 23rd, 2024
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Suicide Bombing Thwarted at Qalyubia's Virgin Mary Church

Fortunately, security personnel were able to prevent another terrible tragedy.

Staff Writer

Suicide Bombing Thwarted at Qalyubia's Virgin Mary Church

A suicide bombing was thwarted by police earlier today in Qalyubia's Shobra al Khaima at the Virgin Mary Church. Two people sustained injuries, and aside from the culprit, there were no casualties.

The suicide bomber wore an explosive vest and tried to sneak into the church, where Coptic Christians were congregating to celebrate the birth of the Virgin Mary. According to Egypt Today, the bomber was unable to detonate his belt due to the large security presence stopping him from getting too close to the crowds of worshipers, which is why there were few injuries. Security forces had imposed a cordon preventing cars from driving in front of the church.


Abdel-Maseeh Basset, pastor of the church, stated that the attack took place before worship had begun, according to Egypt Independent, and that divine care had saved the church and worshipers. Security forces have also added extra security since several attacks on Christian institutions in the past year and immediately began combing the scene for evidence of any more explosives.

The bomber has been identified as Amr Mohamed Moustafa, a 30-year-old Cairene who was a resident of Heliopolis, at least, according to Youm7.