Sunday June 16th, 2024
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Tahrir Monument Being Rebuilt?

Some late night activity in the now-legendary square suggests that the monument that was torn down on the anniversary of Mohamed Mahmoud is being rebuilt.

Staff Writer

Tahrir Monument Being Rebuilt?

According to Aswat Masriya and Cairo’s Twitterati, Egypt's government is once again attempting to build a memorial commemorating protesters who were killed during the January uprising in 2011 in Tahrir Square.

The government erected the base of the memorial last November, and it was inaugurated by interim Prime Minister Hazem al-Beblawi. However, it didn't take long for activists to demolish the monument's foundation stone on the eve of the Mohamed Mahmoud anniversary, where violent confrontations resulted in several deaths.

An Egyptian prosecutor ordered, on Tuesday, that the founder of the Black Bloc, Sherif al-Serafi, be detained for four days pending investigations for destructing the monument. Police investigations found footage showing the suspect destroying it, but it is yet to be released.

Thanks to @Kikhote for the image.