Tuesday July 23rd, 2024
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Tatweer Misr: Il Monte Galala Sokhna Gala Dinner

We've all seen the billboards about the Sokhna development that promises to redefine everything we know about Sokhna life, so when we were invited to their launch we headed over to the Four Seasons to find out more...

Staff Writer

Tatweer Misr: Il Monte Galala Sokhna Gala Dinner

Ooh la la, a gala dinner! Hold our pet unicorn for a moment while we mingle with some fancypants humans at Tatweer's inaugural gala dinner celebrating the launch of the Il Monte Galala Sokhna over by the banks of the Nile in Four Seasons Hotel Cairo at Nile Plaza's drop dead gorgeous Plaza Ballroom. Upon entering the ballroom, we thought for a second that we were stuck in the last scene of Cinderella at the ball, minus the drama. There were Instagrammable mocktails, delicious nibbles and exquisite artsy-fartsy landmark pieces designed by the world renowned Italian artist, Fabrizzo Plezzi, who was also there.  

After conversating and being the social butterflies that we are with the rich and famous - and possibly bumping into adventurer Omar Samra and daring him into climbing a replica of Monte Galala Sokhna's buildings - we were escorted to the dining area where Ahmed Shalaby, Tatweer Misr's Managing Director, was waiting for us on stage to present Sokhna's newest and largest seaside resort, and focusing on the rewarding activities to engage the body and mind that Il Monte Galala Sokhna will offer. "This wouldn't have been possible without the help of 5+1AA," says Shalaby about the internationally acclaimed Italian architectural company. 

And then suddenly, the food started coming and our bellies were oh-so ready. But just as we were about to have a bite from our fat, juicy, perfectly cooked steak, the ballroom's light got darker, and a movie started playing... An Il Monte Galala movie to be specific. Developed in Italy, the movie showed how the new resort would look like while feasting our ears to music by the legendary Italian composer Enzo Pietropaoli, who was also providing the background music during the gala. Needless to say, we can't wait for Il Monte Galala to be done so we can move to Sokhna! 

Find out more about Tatweer Misr on their official website here.