Wednesday February 8th, 2023
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Telepoetic, Ritza, and Farra Live at Cairo Jazz Club

It's set to be a night of raw musical talent at the city's most iconic watering hole with a slew of killer acts to take the stage...

Staff Writer

Cairo Jazz Club proudly presents Alternative Tuesday’s finest selection of off-stream artists again on the 10th of November. Kicking off the night with Mohamed El Farra, member of a diverse number of projects including Pop Rock band Cheen, with his latest Electronic project Farra. That will be followed by new Electropop band Ritza with Maii Waleed of Maii & Zeid taking up vocal duties on this new venture, with a debut album coming out and already well esteemed by the first wave of listeners. Last but not least, headlining the evening is the banging experimental post rock band Telepoetic known for mixing up acoustics and electronics, improvising as they go!

A night full of raw musical mechanics and subtle innovative numbers to get your mind buzzing and legs kickin’ and twitchin’ to some proper new irregular acts. Total win! Gig starts at 10:30pm. See you there!

Check out Cairo Jazz Club's event page here, or follow the on Instagram @cairojazzclub