Sunday December 10th, 2023
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The 10 Best Egyptian Memes of the Decade

A whole decade worth of laughs in one neat container.

Staff Writer

As the 2010s come to a close, let's reminisce on some of the funniest moments of the decade that gave birth to memes, a now-integral part of social media engagement. And in Egypt, humour is central to our daily lives, so it's no surprise we've pretty much come up with a meme for everything. And because memes = life, here are ten of some of the most popular Egyptian memes that had us ROFL over the past ten years:

2010: Hamdi El Wazeer 

We experience utter terror every time we look at this, all these years later. Nevertheless, this meme is iconic and one of the few older memes that have stayed relevant to this day.

2011: Gara Eh Ya Samia

This meme originates from Ashraf Abd El Baqy's comedy series 'Hekayat Zog Mo3aser'. The actor's sly expression can be attributed to his cocky character on the show, and his face in this shot is just too good to pass up.

2012: The Man Behind Omar Soleiman

It may have taken a whole year for this video to develop into a meme, but The Man Behind Omar Soleiman - whoever he is - was subject to some pretty creative usage. The meme has been recreated an endless amount of times, placing him behind the Sphinx, Saddam Hussein, and even Darth Vader. People have also masked him as the Cookie Monster, put his head as the eagle on the Egyptian flag, and even created a Facebook page called 'Kolena El Ragel El Wara Omar Suleiman.' Whoever this man is, I'm so sorry.

2013: Happiness Is…


This meme was simple in concept, but when talking about Egyptian online society, you can expect some wild interpretations to come out of this trend. In this instance, we aren't too mad about it.

2014: Shut Ub Your Mouse Obama

The one and only. This infamous meme speaks for itself and is probably the best thing to come out of Egypt since koshari. We will never forget you <3

2015: Ana Esmi El 7a2i2i Daniel

This classic meme is a shot from Sherif Mounir's film 'Welad El Amm', where he played an undercover Israeli Mossad agent. The meme has since been recreated multiple times, and we got to admit they're all pretty hilarious.

2016: Ana Ma7adesh Ye2dar Yezeleni

Originally taken from a television interview, behold El Sobky in all his glory.

2017: 5amsa Mwah

Iconic, legendary, the original national anthem of Egypt. After this enormous trend, we never saw Fifi Abdou the same way again.

2018: Burak 

The social media famous Turkish chef took the Arab world by storm last year as a result of his behemoth-sized cooking videos. Meme pages couldn't get enough of the chef's (somehow extremely steady) smile, and neither can we.

2019: Ha Eh Tani?

This meme went super-viral after actor Mohy Ismail said this during a television interview. El article khelset, ha eh tani?